We strive to produce the purest tastes, flavors, and aromas possible.

Humboldt Redwoods

Beer has been made for a very long time by a very wide diversity of people, but the basics have remained pretty much the same throughout the ages. More than 8,000 years ago the Sumerians did pretty much the same thing that we do today and through the intervening millennia just about every civilization that we know of has enjoyed this beverage. Along with bread, beer appears to have been a common denominator of every civilization in every corner of the world. Both bread and beer were probably introduced shortly after man began cultivating cereals at the dawn of agriculture.

So how is the beer of today any different from that which went before? There is no question but that today we enjoy better equipment and thus have more control over the brewing process than our predecessors had in earlier stages of the development of this craft. Another important difference is that we have thousands of years of experience to draw upon as we brew our beers. A third difference is that we are able to more easily select the finest quality ingredients and grow them specifically for our purpose. It is here that we at Butte Creek Brewing believe our beer is significantly different from that made by many of our fellow brew masters - we use nothing but organic ingredients.

Why do we use organic ingredients? It is not a marketing ploy. Organic foods are more expensive than those produced with pesticides and artificial fertilizers. The use of organic ingredients forces us to charge higher prices than those breweries that produce their products industrially. The reason that we use nothing but organic ingredients is two-fold. First, we believe that by keeping the residue of poisons out of our ingredients our beer is healthier. Second, we believe that it avoids contamination of taste and makes the flavor and aroma of our beer true to the essence of the malts and hops that go into it's creation. We strive to produce the purest tastes, flavors, and aromas possible.

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